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Lola Young Expresses Herself In "Women"

Photo Credit: Joe Perri

There are times you can feel broken, undesirable, or have moments of uncertainty. What makes Lola Young so emotional is that although she can have her own deprivations she can only be Women. Some may only see the face value of the women in our lives. However there is so much more to the female connection which grows every part of our well being. Lola had to say:

Woman’ is a song about female empowerment. It’s a song about how I feel towards the patriarchy but also an introspective piece that looks at the gender roles and how these can be broken down. This song means a lot to me because it’s something I had never previously written about and it has an honest vulnerability to it that I hope makes people feel an understanding towards us women.

Lola keeps it honest with her emotions as we get more deepen lyrics from her. Since the release of her latest Renaissanc EP, Lola teamed up with Grammy writer Paul Epworth to help resonate to more women. Be sure to connect with Lola on Instagram

and Facebook. Listen to the official audio below and get your copy here.

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