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Love Can Be A "Bad Game" Sings Lola Young. "After Midnight" EP Is Out Now!

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Kalpesh Lathigra

Lola Young's luscious vocals will capture you into an emotional roller coaster trance. The same lyrics will have you questioning "true love". What gives Lola this power is her ability to recognize the good within the bad. Throughout the brand new single Bad Game, we find Lola breaking down another heartbreaking tale. Media outlets are saying:

The Forty Five: Her smoky vocals, plain honesty, and wit are ready to take on the world The Forty Five
The Honey Pop: Lola Young has this unequaled charm that keeps spinning in our minds...her notes create something peaceful and harmonious, and we just cannot get enough of it. We’re so obsessed

Lola is projected to take on the world with touring becoming active again. Being able to combine the parallels of love and hate makes After Midnight a stand out project for Lola.

Stream you own copy here and get connected with Lola on Instagram and Facebook. Let us know your thoughts on the official video below.

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