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Malachiae Delivers His Heart In "Try To Love"

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Photo Credit: Cam Kirk

Malachiae is one to watch! His latest joint Try To Love takes heartbreak to the next level. Conflict is stirred up and Malachiae exclaims how difficult it can be within a relationship that needs constant mending. Malachie falsetto range is astounding and director Malachi is able to bring his lyrics to life. Malachie sings:

Now you got me up late at night, sitting in a dark room, Don't act like I ain't change your life, Cause we both know the truth.

The South Atlanta native brings a twist to his Motown Records connection. Not only you get a vocal genius like a Mario, you also get the lyrical depth of a rapper. Be sure to keep up with Malachiae via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Watch a star be born in the official video below.

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