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Maya B Links With SAINt JHN In "Sink"


Get into your element when you hear Maya B on the track. With ideas to release here debut EP this spring through Capitol Records, there is no telling what this unfetter female will provide fans. Having met SAINt JHN at the start of the her career, Maya gets and a warranted verse in Sink. Maya exclaims:

Saint and I met each other in Jamaica about 2 1/2 years ago, It was before I was signed, before I had anything going on. I played him Selenas before it was out and he played me a couple records before they were out. Then life took its course. But when I wrote ‘Sink’ a couple months ago, he was the first and only artist that crossed my mind

Under the direction of Bawsse. the two find themselves in front of the bathroom hyped before a night on the town. Maya is less then subtle to how she feels about the competition and haters. Make sure you get your own copy of the single here. Leave a comment and watch the official video below.

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