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Meet Chaz French In "What A Day"


There is a struggle facing black owned businesses and entrepreneurs. While on the surface creating an impact in a community can be discouraging, upcomer Chaz French feels his pursuit for success makes him stand out. Riding around the town in the Nicolas Castro directed visual, What A Day brings us closer to what it means to spread consciousness and positivity. Over feel good melodies Chaz lyricism inspires more than just talent. Chaz says:

I spent Black Out Tuesday supporting friends and family with Black owned businesses and hope you did too… What A Day.

Whether picking up local Washington D.C. activist Tony Lewis Jr.'s book Slugg: A Boys Life In The Age Of Mass Incarceration or checking out some hot spots Southwest Soda Pop Shop, The Museum, Spice Suite, and Horace & Dickies, without love nothing is actually worth it. Follow Chaz on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Stay tuned because Chaz has a lot more music on the way! Take a look on how to support your community in the official video below.

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