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Miiesha Brings A Message Of Strength With Brand New Video “Damaged”


We've all probably been to a place of heartbreak and let down. However, we don't dwell on these moments of turmoil. Miiesha is a newcomer taking control of the air waves all over the world and uses her neo-soul influences to bring fans the brand new single Damaged. The track explores the pain and disconnect caused by a broken relationship with her mother and intergenerational trauma. Miiesha says:

Black people around the world have seen so much trauma that people need to understand that, even though we might be damaged from it, it has made us strong. Respect our stories, and try to understand.

Miiesha's lushes and, soulful vocals can bring you the sensation similar to H.E.R and Jhené Aiko. Her personal experiences are brought to life in an incredible and vulnerable way through lyrical precision. Media outlets are saying Miiesha is her own movement! Keep up with the Australian native by following her on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and FACEBOOK. Get your copy of the latest updates here and watch the official video directed by Joe Hunter below.

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