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Mipso's "Broken Heart/Open Heart" Drives The Feels Of Their Upcoming LP

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Calli Westra

Broken Heart/Open Heart out today, was built around the idea that a broken heart can become an open heart. On the track, Mipso builds to a simmering pace, but it never boils over–the intimate vocal is gripping, alongside the muted piano and an overdriven guitar that add grit to the bittersweetness. Mandolinist and vocalist Jacob Sharp and guitarist Joseph Terrell wrote the track together that became a vessel for his processing of the grief that comes in the wake of losing someone you love. Book of Fools, is the forthcoming sixth studio album by Mipso with a release date of August 25. The band feels at their most assured, guided mostly by their own intuition and less impacted by time constraints, expectations or outside forces. Over ten cohesive tracks, driving rhythms, earnest, thoughtful lyricism guide the band back to their roots and who they are at their core. Pre-order your copy of the LP here and listen to the official audio below. Be sure to keep up with Mipso by following them on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp | Soundcloud.

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