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Missy Elliott Wedges Herself Between Cardi B & BIA Fans Before Beef Can Erupt

Source: TMZ


Missy Elliott is putting a stop to any potential rift between Cardi B and BIA after both rap stars sampled one of her classics ... saying they're both free to use it, without issue.

Cardi put her 2024 comeback into first gear on Friday with the release of her "Like What (Freestyle)" vid ... directed by her hubby Offset.

The beat rides Missy's 1999 hit "She's a Bitch" ... which just so happened to be the same template for BIA's 2023 single "I’m That Bitch."

BIA defended her own credibility in a suspicious post on X as Cardi was teasing her track ... "BIA THIS… BIA THAT BIA KNOW HOW TO F***** RAP."

The Rock Hall-bound Missy cosigned a comment that commended both artists for using her with a heart hands emoji ... basically a cease-fire for weirdo fans looking to start beef.

None of this probably would've happened if had they taken the advice from 1500 or Nothin's Larrance Dopson -- remember, the Grammy Award-winner told us last year that low-hanging fruit samples are ruining rap music.

There are actually no losers here -- for Missy and Timbaland. Any way you cut it, they get paid royalties!!!

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