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Music Is "Automatic" For 5AM


The way we are so use to the day to day task we sometime miss out for the unforgettable nights. Joining the homies around a camp fire for drinks and pills, 5AM doesn't need much to have a good time. Give 5AM a smooth thumping beat, d and you'll get a track like Automatic. While taking his playful vocals, 5AM lets his girl know he can fulfill her request and escape the struggles. 5Am explains:

My music usually comes out of whatever is going on in my life at the time. Every day, I keep telling myself, ‘Sh*t will get hard, but if you hang in there, you’re going to be fine. That’s the mentality I take into the studio. You’re going to be alright. Do what you do. Whether I’m dealing with relationships, my personal life, or other struggles, it will work out.

Director Caleb Seales brings the smooth freedom to life with his circling visuals. As the fire dance, fans can feel unbothered during these summer night. Be sure to follow the Tifiton, GA bred artist 5AM on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and FACEBOOK. Download your own copy of the single here and watch the official video below.

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