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New Video & Photos Show More Of Raid On Diddy's Miami Home, Airport Run-In

Source: TMZ


TMZ has obtained new video showing the full extent of the raid at Diddy's home in Miami Monday -- not to mention the moment federal agents stopped his crew at the airport.

Check out this video we got that was taken just as Homeland Security officials descended on Diddy's properties on Star Island -- which was guarded and blocked off by law enforcement as agents made their move via boat, pulling up to a dock leading to his adjacent homes.

As you can see, it looks like Uncle Sam sent the cavalry for this operation ... because not only were there boots on the ground and in the water, but there was a chopper as well.

Just like here in L.A. -- where an army of law enforcement swarmed Diddy's home -- his Miami grounds were just as infiltrated ... although, it looks like the raid here was a little more low-key, as Star Island is quite literally sectioned off from the public. So, less gawkers.

Still, it was no less dramatic -- especially when you get a full sense of what went down.

BTW, what you see in this footage isn't all that happened to Diddy -- remember, he was stopped at a nearby airport ... this while he was with family/friends ahead of Spring Break. Unfortunately, their plans were interrupted ... and we have new visuals of that as well.

Take a look at this image ... you can see Homeland Security and Customs officials surrounding Diddy's private jet before it could take off ... the feds were obviously rolling deep to stop him.

You can't see Diddy himself in these pics ... but this is certainly his entourage -- including what appears to be his teenage twin daughters ... as well as the guy who was arrested Monday from all this ... 25-year-old Brendan Paul, who got busted on drug charges.

As we reported ... Brendan was the only one in Diddy's party who went to jail yesterday -- nobody else was arrested, and that goes for Diddy himself. In these new photos, you can see Brendan with his blue sweater in the mix -- but at this point, he seems to be uncuffed.

Of course, we know Diddy was also there at the airport ... on account of video we got of him that same day, pacing around outside as questioning was going on indoors among the others.

At this point, we know Diddy hasn't been arrested or charged ... although, there's most certainly a federal investigation that's got him under a microscope, coast to coast.

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