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Nicki Minaj & Sneaker Company Loci Release Custom Shoes

Source: TMZ


Nicki Minaj's record-breaking tour is over and she now has time to put her feet up ... which are comfortably fitted in her new custom sneaker line!!!

On Friday, Nicki and UK-based brand LØCI made their partnership official and debuted her Pink Friday footwear with a futuristic rollout and unveiled a pink low-top casual sneaker with red shoestrings and a portrait of Nicki's mug sealed on the tongue.

We're hearing Nicki's personally gravitated to the brand on account of her keen stylist sense and signed on as an owner and collaborator.

LØCI's CEO Emmanuel Eribo praised Nicki's "creativity and freedom" and stated he gave her a blank canvas to create -- and create she did.

The collection will produce 5 different styles across 11 colorways a.k.a. closet options galore for the fashion-forward Barb!!!

She's making fans go vegan by design ... the shoes are priced between $185-$200 and made from non-food grade corn and other recycled materials.

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