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Rick Ross Vancouver Fight Started Due To Fans Pissed About Drake Trash Talk

Source: TMZ


Rick Ross' violent face-off in Vancouver is exactly what it seems -- the end result of the rapper's recent beef with Drake ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the Sunday night fight started when Rick was approached by several Canadians who were upset with him for dissing Champagne Papi in several videos posted well over a month ago.

However, we're told the angry Drake supporters were incited even more when Ricky Rozay ended his set at the Ignite Music Festival by pumping "Not Like Us" in the PA speakers.

As we reported, one of the angry fans threw a punch at Rick and the whole situation erupted into the melee that played out in a few different videos.

Our sources say Rick was leaving the stage with DJ Sam Sneak, his manager, a few friends and 2 bodyguards ... and one of the guards was jumped by several men and knocked down in the brawl.

We're also told someone in Rick's entourage got knocked out ... but RR was able to retreat to a waiting car.

Remember, Rick and Drake's beef heated up earlier this year as they both posted comments and videos taking shots at each other. Most notably, Rick accused "cupcake Drake" of getting a nose job, and said he wasn't really Black.

Ross was also on Kendrick Lamar's "We Don't Trust You" Drake diss track.

Despite the attack, Rick told us Vancouver is a beautiful city and he can't wait to return -- so, it doesn't sound like he's sweating Team Drake.

Now, playing Toronto might be a different story.

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