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Rubi Rose Shows Off Flexibility With Full Split On The Wall

Source: TMZ


Rubi Rose has a promising career as a contortionist if her rap career doesn't pan out ... at least that's what we can gather from her very flexible moves here, including wall splits.

NYC-based celebrity trainer Wade Jones recently invited RR to his studio where he trained her on the proper technique of getting low on the flo' ... promising her stronger shoulders in the process.

Rubi's been an advocate for the modern-day flexible woman for years but even she admitted her workout with Wade pushed her to the limit ... in ways she couldn't imagine.

Wade's given lessons to other female artists such as Cardi B, Lizzo, and DreamDoll in the past and is currently on tour.

Fans are now trying to stretch him thin with demands he visit their city so they get the Rubi treatment as well!!!

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