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SAFETY CLUB Duo Bring Feel Good Vibes In "JUICE"


SAFETY CLUB is a two-piece experimental/producer combo that tastes like if the internet digested Brockhampton, Amine, and Justin Timberlake and spit them out on the other side of the world. Their unashamedly upbeat debut JUICE, is a song about “feeling yourself.” Cues and sensibilities from new wave Chicago hip-hop drop through producer shan’s production, while Ronnie Sinclair’s vocals tread the line somewhere between sultry R&B start and a computer programmer. Something like the horny offspring of Anderson Paak and Zack Fox, the down-to-earth guys are rap song makers and Onlyfans content creators.

The combination of the two is a high octane blend that bangs hard across a highway of genres but always drives safely. Take a look at the official video below,

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