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Scott Guild Delves Into Grief With Haunting Track "Until They're Home" From Debut Album "Plastic: The Album"

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Anna Powell Denton

Renowned musician and writer Scott Guild unveils his latest emotionally charged track, Until They're Home, delving into the depths of grief and the fleeting nature of existence. The song is a precursor to his upcoming debut solo LP, Plastic: The Album, slated for release on May 31. The album showcases Guild's multi-faceted talents as both a musician and novelist. The latest single offers a poignant exploration of loss and remembrance, capturing the essence of Guild's introspective storytelling. In Guild's own words:

"Until They're Home" is a reflection on grief, evoking the haunting presence of lost loved ones and the enduring impact they leave behind. Life is so fleeting, but the memories never leave us; the past can often feel more real than the present.

This poignant sentiment underscores the depth and emotional resonance of the track, offering solace to those grappling with their own experiences of loss. Collaborating with the visionary artist Cindertalk and Grammy-winning producer Peter Katis, Guild crafts a sonic landscape that intertwines seamlessly with his literary narrative. Additionally, Guild announces his signing to North Street Records in partnership with Sony Music and The Orchard, amplifying anticipation for his forthcoming album. Fans can also catch Guild live on his summer Book-And-Music Tour across the Midwest, commencing June 3 in Parma, OH. Listen to "Until They're Home" below and pre-order the album here, to immerse yourself in Guild's captivating storytelling and evocative melodies. Stay tuned to Scott Guild on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Spotify.

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