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Sexyy Red Announces Pregnancy: 'I Got Tired Of Fakin'

Source: TMZ


Sexyy Red's "Pound Town" navigation is leading her down the road of motherhood once again -- the superstar rapper announced she's expecting a child!!!

Sexyy made the reveal over the weekend, with the help of SZA, and on Monday, told her followers entertaining them has come with a significant personal cost.

Turns out she's been concealing the baby bump by sucking in her stomach -- even as recently as the BET Hip Hop Awards from earlier this month -- a sign she didn't want anything to derail her breakout year.

Sexyy didn't put a time stamp on when she's expecting her new bundle of joy, but the announcement didn't come as too much of a shock to fans, even though she just finished a nationwide tour with Drake.

The St. Louis rapper recently swatted down rumors she was responsible for leaking the viral sex tape that rocked social media last month -- but if it's related to her pregnancy, it will make for quite the "birds and bees" talk with her new child, 13 or so years from now.

She's clearly got the support of SZA, Mariah The Scientist and Nicki Minaj, who helped Sexyy earn her first-ever Billboard entry earlier this year by remixing "Pound Town."

Now, what Sexyy really needs before the baby arrives is a lullaby remix -- we're thinking "Pound Town" ain't it!!!

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