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Soulja Boy Tells Joe Budden Stop Hating On Kai Cenat, Twitch, Travis Scott

Source: TMZ


Joe Budden's rants aimed at Travis Scott, Playboi Carti and Kai Cenat are nothing but history repeating itself ... that's Soulja Boy's take, anyway, and he says the entire spat is quite triggering.

The "Crank Dat" creator chopped it up with TMZ Hip Hop Thursday in Bev Hills as he got some Valentine's Day shopping out the way. He just dropped his latest album, "Swag 6" where he didn't forget about the ladies, and advises all you fellas don't either!!!

Love in hip hop feels hard to come by these days -- Budden recently ripped Travis and Carti's Grammy performance for being a garbage bag of grunge ... and the podcast czar also clowned live streamer Kai Cenat for failing to see the merit in Killer Mike sweeping the Grammys rap categories.

SB tells us he's seen beef like this before ... à la the time Ice-T called him out for "killing hip hop" when he was just 17!!! Ice later admitted he overstepped his boundaries by telling a kid to dine on male genitalia, but still insisted Soulja's raps suck big time.

The infamous beef was the first of countless arguments that highlighted hip hop's generational divide -- but Soulja is sticking to his guns and siding with the youth against Joe just like he did with Ice-T.

Soulja advises Joe and anyone who feels like him to adapt to the times -- Twitch and TikTok are the new arenas ... either you adapt or become a dinosaur-sized fossil!!!

As always, Soulja's quick to point out when he's leading the competition in anything -- and, now, he's calling dibs as the first rapper with the Apple Vision Pro!!!

As Soulja put it, "We in the future, TMZ!" Indeed, he is.

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