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'South Park' Skewers Lizzo, Ozempic In 'Obesity' Special

Source: TMZ


When "South Park" drops a new special called, "The End of Obesity," ya gotta know someone or something's getting destroyed -- and in this case, it's weight loss drugs and Lizzo ... via "body positivity."

Here's the deal ... in the Paramount+ special, which started streaming Friday, the women of "South Park" (and, of course, the buffoon Randy), all turn to Ozempic to lose weight ... while lying by saying they're exercising to drop the lbs.

Cartman, the iconic angry, fat kid on the long-running cartoon, wants some of that sweet Ozempic for himself -- but since he doesn't have diabetes, insurance won't cover it, and he can't afford the hefty price tag.

So, instead, like the other "poor" folks in town ... he's prescribed "Lizzo," which is simply body positivity.

The tongue-in-cheek gag is ... "taking" Lizzo makes people not care about how they look or their health. They can eat what they want and skip exercise, because they’re beautiful just the way they are.

Like most drugs, there are side effects to Lizzo ... and "South Park" came up with a doozy. We're not gonna describe it, except to say it involves music, ears and 💩.

As you'd expect, reactions are pretty mixed -- some think the Lizzo bit is hilarious, but others wonder why creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker dislike her so much.

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