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Stay Home & "Toosie Slide" With Drake


Only certain artists are able to adapt to the subtle nuances the entertainment industry changes to. Whether it's playing a comedic roll on Saturday Night Live, embodying brands like Sprite, or influencing a retro reggae flow, Drake continues to re identify with today's generation by releasing Toosie Slide. What makes this song unapparelled to his other major accomplishments, is the simplistic chorus that has created a dance craze for Tik Tok users all over the globe. Throughout the mist of the Covid-19 virus and the world wide request to stay home, Drake takes us inside his Canada resident full of accolades and memorabilia under the direction of Theo Skudra. See if you can recreate the Toosie Slide in your own home, over the Christian Tyler production, and upload to social media to join the millions of users staying home. Let the fireworks entertain you in the official video below.

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