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Suge Knight Calls Out Alleged Social Media Hacker That Snoop Reacted To

Source: TMZ


Suge Knight says he has an ID on an alleged social media hacker that he says Snoop Dogg reacted to in a recent fake post ... but understands why people think he's doing the smack talking.

On the newest episode of his "Collect Call" podcast, Suge claims to Dave Mays that a guy named "John" from Atlanta is the one responsible for the nonstop string of negativity on his X and Facebook accounts.

Suge accuses the guy of attempting to start a race war ... a recent swipe at Snoop got the legendary rapper's attention and he offered prayers for Suge's spirit.

Suge admits the posts totally matches his energy and tone but is adamant he's not behind the avalanche of animosity on his social media handles.

The incarcerated Death Row Records founder didn't let Snoop and his business partner Michael “Harry-O” Harris off the hook, though.

We recently talked to Harry about the future of the infamous label, which he and Snoop currently own but Suge is arguing they had no stake in building its foundation and should therefore back off!!!

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