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Take A Peek Into The "Life Of Sossa" By Sally Sossa

Written By: Jacob Wisda


In a music landscape that often values style over substance, artists with true authenticity and flair are few and far between. But on her newest album, Life of Sossa, Sally Sossa provides substance and finesse in equal measure. On the LP’s ten tracks, Sossa explores the depths of heartfelt passion and the highs of invigorating love. She says:

I want my fans to know that I’m real, I’m authentic, I’m me, and I’m making music to help them. I’m growing with my fan base and they’re growing with me.

Sossa, a recent high school graduate, is the first female talent under Interscope Record’s joint venture with LISTEN TO THE KIDS. Stream the album here and check out the music video for Star Song, featuring Lil Durk below. Listeners can follow Sally Sossa on Instagram, and Facebook.

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