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Ted When Stays Up In "Eyes Closed"


In a dreamlike state life can begin to produce great aspirations. Since pursuing a solo career, former Mansions On The Moon frontman is now getting ready to bring fans a self entitled project called Ted When. With the help of producer DJ Equal, Ted creates a trance of melodies which plays to the lyrical idea of former loves. Ted had to say:

Eyes Closed’ is about unrequited love. That feeling of regret in never telling a person how you really feel and thinking about how things could’ve been different.

Now living in Nashville we can tell the new state of mind is working well for Ted. Motown Records and Blacksmith Recordings have their work cut out for them. Be ready for an array of sounds and concepts in the up coming EP. Get familiarized with Ted When on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Listen to the audio below.

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