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Terrell Hines Wants Fans To "Get Up"


St Mark Rd. is out now and available for order here.

Terrell Hines continues to move at a steady pace in the music industry. Following the latest project release, Terrell finds him trying to untangle the thoughts while pursuing his dreams. Get Up is at the core of his sound is a living mix of eerie soul, alt-pop, hip-hop, post-punk, and southern funk, but Hines is a world-builder with a voracious mind. Substream Magazine said:

An even split of postmodern and post-apocalyptic, Hines’ St. Mark Rd. is the triumphant birth of an artist that knows there’s nothing he can’t turn into song. It makes you feel hopeless and hopeful at the same time. It makes your heart swell…

This Georgia-born, Los Angeles-based visionary has created an entire ecosystem for his songs, where sonic structures and lyrics are just as likely to be inspired by the socio-political as they are the personal, by functional architecture as abstract art, by the austere science of survivalism as the limitless potential of technology. Terrell spits lyrics like:

Smile to your face but they all want something, Coming to your door bout to take my money, Fuck the government cause they never gonna love me, Get Up

While seen to be working on his upcoming project Hyperspace, expect a extravagant collaboration from Pharrell Williams, Chris Martin, Sky Ferreira, and Dev Hynes. Until then get motivated for change in the official video below.

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