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Three 6 Mafia's DJ Paul Says Social Media Era Is Most Difficult After Nelly Picks '00s

Source: TMZ


DJ Paul is picking today's social media rap era as the toughest all-time to navigate but for argumentive purposes, he agrees with Nelly that the '00s were harder than the '90s!!!

TMZ Hip Hop caught up with the Three 6 Mafia star on Friday amid his jampacked week touring in Arizona and a quick ponder determined Nelly was on the money picking the '00s ... it wasn't much of a debate!!!

Nelly had social media in a frenzy all week after appearing on HBO's "The Shop." The Diamond-selling rapper argued for his own era ... he hit the 10-milly sales mark duking it out with Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent and Ludacris ... the era was sprouting future hip hop legends like weeds.

Paul's the perfect guy to ask for the question ... he and Three 6 Mafia were an instant regional success in Memphis after debuting in the mid-90s, earning platinum plaques in both decades and even Oscar gold in 2006!!!

Despite the group's success, Paul also remembers having to take a backseat to Eminem on the charts after their '00s crossover but doesn't remember having to claw for attention in the '90s ... Master P and No Limit, Juvenile and Cash Money felt like their only Southern competition at the time.

It's the present day, Paul claims is kicking everyone's ass because of social media trolls!!!

He's still taking his rap career seriously... he and longtime collaborator RiFF RAFF released a new "Talky Talky" single just today and he plans on releasing joint albums with both Krayzie Bone and Young Buck.

Paul says if he could wave a magic wand, artist promo would return to its brick-and-mortar roots ... but adapt or die is the name of the rap game!!!

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