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Tokyo's Revenge Dominates "GOTHAM"


If you could have any super power, then what would it be? Well Tokyo's Revenge superpower is not giving a damn with a little bit of a gothic Subzero. Unveiling brand new visuals with the help of directorJMP, we hit the gym for a late night dodgeball showdown in GOTHAM. Tokyo's rambunctious skill set for lyrics match the thrashing and smashing design of the animation. Be sure to keep up with your favorite aint-hero by following him on TWITCH, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, SOUNDCLOUD, and YOUTUBE. Also get your copy of the single here and watch the offical video produced by Cliiifford and Mathias TynerJ below.

#TokyosRevenge #JMP #Cliiifford #MathiasTyner #6lack #LilBaby

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