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Trippie Redd Denies Devil Worship, Unsure Where Allegations Started

Source: TMZ


Trippie Redd is distancing himself from all things demonic ... this after YEARS of, in his eyes, unfounded accusations he's a pawn of Satan!!!

An incensed Trippie launched into a tirade Tuesday, laying into anyone who wanted to attach any antichrist connotation to his name.

In the posted video, Trippie fumed, "Stop saying I worship the f****** devil!!! I can't wear all black? I've been wearing all black -- that's my thing!!!"

Now, according to him, he's just a Goth guy from Ohio who likes black cats and furniture ... born to be the "sad-boy." He also explained his many face tattoos are simply the type of art he prefers.

Trippie was adamant he had no idea where fans were getting the satanic sticks and stones -- but it's kinda hard to deny the Diamond-selling rapper has leaned into the occult throughout his career ... like the time he adopted '666' for his brand.

Or when he released his "Demon Time" music video where he twists his hair into devil horns, and he and Ski Mask the Slump God killed people outside a seedy motel.

Even his peers took notice ... Meek Mill publicly roasted Trippie for allegedly having a dark soul and being a snitch a few months ago.

And, that was after DJ Akademiks' fiery rant aimed at Trippie, Playboi Carti, and Lil Uzi Vert for still pushing for shock value tactics after their fans had grown up.

Wherever it all started, Trippie's looking to clear it up once and for all. See ya in church!!!

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