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With "Young & Restless Vol. 1 Baby Don" On The Way, J. I. Gets Reckless In "Riot"

Written By: Big C


Rising Brooklyn rapper J.I. releases his ferocious new single, Riot. The explosive track, which finds the 20-year-old at his most defiant, directed by J.I. and Derek Dreamfilms. We catch the buzzing MC in his element of ski masks, gleaming necklaces, motorcycles, dance moves, and casual threats. In between the shots of J.I. and his flexing friends, we see flashes of rioters pushing toward the camera. However, it’s clear who’s already won the battle for turf. J.I. is laying the foundations for the next, exciting phase of his burgeoning career with his forthcoming project Young & Restless Vol. 1 Baby Don set to be released on June 24th here. Keep up with J. I. by following him on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE. Stream your copy of the single here and watch the official video below.

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