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YK Osiris Promises Victory In DDG Boxing Match, Securing Price Terms

Source: TMZ


YK Osiris says he's eager to get in the boxing ring with DDG and show him the 'Golden Child' golden gloves ... but only after he's reassured he's getting paid!!!

The "Worth It" singer chopped it up with TMZ Hip Hop Tuesday at LAX. He and DDG have both been grandstanding in the gym with their dukes up, and have agreed to fight.

DDG is willing to piece up YK for peanut shillings, but YK told us he's gonna need compensation to have his knuckles scraped. That being said, he kinda hinted they're close to finalizing a deal.

YK's not shortchanging his opp ... he thinks DDG will be a worthy challenge and ranks his skills and last fight win as aiiight.

He didn't even knock DDG's reported feature price ... $750K for a song and $1M for the vid seems a little steep to YK, but he says if DDG finds artists willing to pay those rates, more power to him!!!

YK just wants to slug it out.

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