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A Soulful Reunion Is Olatuja's Self-Titled New Album

Written By: Big C


Get ready for deep connection in Olatuja. The acclaimed project from bassist Michael Olatuja and vocalist Alicia Olatuja, has just released their self-titled new album, a vibrant blend of soul, jazz, gospel, and Afrobeats. This album showcases the duo's exceptional musical talents and their ability to create a sound that is both deeply personal and universally appealing. Michael's inventive bass lines and Alicia's powerful vocals come together to produce a rich tapestry of sounds that celebrate their unique musical journey. Alicia says:

'Royalty' merges musical ideals to create a new sound: Cinematic Afrobeats. It is an anthem of empowerment, celebration, dance, and remembering who you really are!

Micheal adds:

Alicia is my longest and closest collaborator. This album comes from a place of knowing and growing.

The album features contributions from a stellar lineup of musicians, including drummers Obed Calvaire and Joshua Keitt, guitarists Femi Temowo and David Rosenthal, percussionist Magatte Sow, and GRAMMY® Award-nominated pianist Christian Sands. This all-star cast brings a wealth of experience and talent, enhancing the album's cinematic scope and intimate, personal message. Stay tuned for tour dates and venues, and be sure to listen to the album here and below.

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