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Aaron Carpenter "No Control" Is Finally Here!


Sometimes we get caught up into relationship because the amount of passion we have. However this can easily get swept up when crossing the line of good intentions and bad ideas. Growing up in Lousiana has taught Aaron Carpenter this oh to well with the release of his brand new single No Control. Since being signed to Capitol Records, media outlets like Idolator says:

The Justin Timberlake-channeling, R&B/pop song [‘Attitude’] caught everyone’s attention, and he [Aaron] built on that momentum with the slinky ‘Chase.’ The 20-year-old now showcases his versatility with ‘Next’…battling a nasty case of lovesickness over The Roommates’ mellow beats…[it] will strike a chord with anyone going through it.

Aaron took up drumming and his passion for music began at a young age while his grandmother spun records of Stevie Wonder. Gearing to take on the world, Aaron took his talents to Los Angeles and hasn't stopped pursing a chart toping single. Take a listen and download your copy of the official audio below.

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