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Album Review: Gunna - DRIP SEASON 4EVER


Grade = 80% or 4 ️Star

Track List - 58 minutes

  1. private island 2:12

  2. pushin P (Gunna & Future Feat. Young Thug) 2:16 ️

  3. poochie gown 2:21 ️

  4. mop (Feat. Young Thug) 3:05

  5. thought i was playing (Gunna & 21 Savage) 2:47 ️

  6. P power (Feat. Drake) 3:13

  7. how you did that (Feat. Kodak Black) 2:40 ️

  8. alotta cake 3:13

  9. livin wild 2:22

  10. you & me (Gunna & Chloe) 2:24

  11. south to west 2:02

  12. 25k jacket (Feat. Lil Baby) 2:00 ️

  13. too easy (Gunna & Future) 2:18

  14. idk that bitch (Feat. G Herbo) 3:30 ️

  15. flooded 2:32

  16. life of sin (Feat. Nechie) 2:52

  17. die alone (Gunna & Chris Brown Feat. Yung Bleu) 4:21 ️

  18. missing me 2:58

  19. so far ahead > empire 5:37 /

  20. too easy (Remix) [Gunna Feat. Future & Roddy Ricch] 3:17 ️

Gunna dropped his fourth and final installment of the Drip Season series with DRIP SEASON 4EVER or simply DS4EVER. The first three projects were simply mixtapes but this is being considered an album. Gunna’s third LP comes with the usual suspects as you have features from Young Thug, Lil Baby, and Future. We also get features from Drake, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Chloe, G Herbo, Chris Brown, Yung Bleu, Nechie & Roddy Ricch. This is the first time Gunna is collaborating with Kodak Black, Yung Bleu, and Chloe.

Gunna showed the albums track list prior to it’s release. When it came out on January 7th it was missing the track P Power. Everyone noticed this since the song had a feature from Drake. The song didn’t drop on the 7th due to clearance issues. Gunna originally planned on using a sample by Donna Summer but it never worked out. Six days later the track was added with a different female on the backing vocals. The song is decent but it was somewhat underwhelming. Drake’s verse was straight but it was only 8 bars. I would have liked a solid 16.

There wouldn’t be a Gunna album with out at least one or two features from Young Thug. On this album Thug has a feature on pushin P and mop. Gunna created a new wave with the song “pushin P” (which also includes Future). “P” basically stands for “player”. Fans all over the world have been using the term and even major companies like Nike got in on it. On January 20th, Nike’s Twitter account posted:

We had an internet meeting, and with out getting into details, we’re pushin P all year.

Hip-hop has been known for creating all kinds of new slang. Lil Wayne was the first one to come up with the word “bling”. As for the track “mop” this was another fun track that you’d come to expect from a Gunna/Thug collaboration. It’s a strong song but I wouldn’t say it’s a favorite only because we’ve heard this sound before. “mop” sounds a lot like ski which was on the duo’s project Slime Language 2.

My favorite song on the album is thought I was playing with 21 Savage. Gunna and Savage have always had great chemistry as they have a similar sound both coming from Atlanta. They’ve had success in the past with tracks like can’t live without it and Emergency but “thought i was playing” might be the best yet. This track has the hardest beat on the album. This is no surprise since it was produced by Mike WiLL Made-It.

how you did that had a feature from Kodak Black. Gunna and Kodak have never worked together so this was one of the songs I was anxious to hear. They were cohesive trading bars on both verses and the hook. It turned out to be one of my favorites. Kodak has always preferred to work by himself but in 2021 he started working with more artists. Music is almost always made by more than one person. Even if the song does not have a feature there is someone who makes the beat, produces the track, and/or helps with writing. Today’s biggest songs are usually collaborations. This is especially true in hip-hop. We’ve even seen more collaborations from J. Cole who has multiple projects that don’t include any features.

This was another strong project from Gunna. He has the right formula and checks off all the boxes when it comes to hot rappers in 2022. There is a good amount of features on this album but Gunna has no problem on his own. In an era where many rappers are having success using one producer for an entire album, Gunna shows his versatile by using a number of producers making the album feel fresh and shorter than its 58 minute length. He’s doesn’t tire you out with too many rhymes or confuse with complicated metaphors. Instead he rely’s more on flow and sound. He’s from the right city in Atlanta and looks the part. We all know he “drips” and is very into fashion. He’s also in a high profile relationship with singer/song writer Chloe Bailey who also appears on the album. Early on, Gunna might have been viewed as Thug’s sidekick in the past but his constancy the last few years proves he might be the best number two in the game. Thug and Gunna remind me of 2009 Lil Wayne and Drake. I’m not saying Gunna is the next Drake but If your a hip-hop fan it’s hard to not like him.

Album Notes

  • Rating “so far ahead > empire” as two separate tracks

  • Counting “too easy” and the remix as one track

  • “P power” was released 1/13/22

Best Song = thought i was playing (Gunna & 21 Savage)

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