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Amber Rose Says She's Still Voting For Donald Trump After Felony Conviction

Source: TMZ


Amber Rose says a little thing like a felony is not going to stop her from voting for Donald Trump for president ... and she thinks it will actually propel him to the White House.

We got Amber on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles Friday -- and our photog asked the model-turned-activist what's behind her recent Trump endorsement, and if anything changed after he became the first president convicted of felony crimes.

Amber tells us she's full MAGA these days ... and she thinks the guilty verdict in New York in the Stormy Daniels hush money case is going to be a huge boost for Trump's campaign.

The way Amber sees it ... Trump didn't get a fair shake and people are going to want to vote for him more than ever because of what she calls an "injustice."

While lots of folks were shocked when Amber endorsed Trump a few weeks ago, she says she's done her research and is no longer brainwashed by liberal Democrats. In terms of some suggesting Trump is anti-woman for some of his policies ... AR simply disagrees.

Amber's opening up here ... and we also asked if Trump would be a fan of her discontinued SlutWalk fundraiser. It's an interesting chat for sure -- and definitely worth a watch.

We'll say this ... she's standing on business with this one -- Amber's all in on Trump.

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