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Behind The Lens: Attack The Sound

Updated: Nov 22, 2021


What is your favorite record from the 90’s and why?

This is a good question lol. I'd have to say, Wonderwall, Ghetto Superstar and Everybody because it's the 90s you I can't just pick one lol!

If you could produce the sound track to a movie, which genre or movie would you choose? I think our music would do very well in Romance or Rom-Com.

How would you describe your hometown sound?

Chicago sound is a blend of every major sound. We love to dance so we added afro-rhythmic drums to entice movement. House music was created here which later produced other Chicago sounds like Juke, Trap, Drill and all the international variants of house.

When you feel discouraged, what keeps you motivated?

My team helps me remember why the goals and standards are so high. We've all put in so much that we can't stop now.

Do you play or watch any sports or video games?

As a whole, I think we all enjoy Basketball and Football. We've seen UFC and Boxing before as well. Games, we frequent VR lounges and we have all systems from Game Boy Color to Xbox.

What is your favorite motivational lyric or life quote?

My favorite motivational quote is along the lines of, "You gotta want success more than you want air!" I feel it every time I hear it.

If you made a song for the year 3000, what do you think would be different about it?

In the year 3000 music will sound like what my parents listen to as "Oldies/Goodies". A big part of the market right now is nostalgia so I think Old School RnB and House will make a comeback.

Who are you looking to collaborate with next?

Really want to do a song with Mike Jenkins. I think we'd make a vibe. Chance the Rapper would be nice to work with and I think Ye if I could lol. Let's shoot high, you know.

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

Summer!!! We outside!!! Summer time Chicago is beautiful so we gotta rock with Summer.

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