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Behind The Lens: BLK Dream Camp Co


BLK Dream Camp Co is a 20+ acre up and coming Holistic Community located in Apache County, AZ that will feature Glamping, Primitive Camping, Agriculture, Recreation, Entertainment, and more! Being a Black Woman Owned and BIPOC Centered Community, BLK Dream Camp is building a true Community with those that want to live in and or be a part of a holistic, sustainable, off-grid lifestyle.

Founded in 2021 by Aleeyah "The Dream Builder" Sanders, currently, BLK Dream Camp Co is building an A-Frame Cabin, Bath House, and growing food with the involvement of BLK Dream Camp members."It takes a Community to build a Community" is BLK Dream Camp Co's motto and they truly mean every word.

BLK Dream Camp has a sister org and nonprofit 501c3 called Let's Rebuild Tuskegee. Let's Rebuild was founded in 2016 by Aleeyah as well while a student at Tuskegee University. The org was started in response to the lack of available and livable student and community housing options. Aleeyah began to invest in Real Estate at the age of 21. Aleeyah and the org began renovating houses to create student housing, managing properties for other homeowners, and taught students how to renovate properties and teaching students how to invest in Real Estate at a young age. Now Let's Rebuild Tuskegee has expanded to Arizona to be the sister org of BLK Dream Camp to teach off-grid construction and housing solutions to members of BLK Dream Camp.

Visitors are also welcome to BLK Dream Camp whether for a vacation or for an event or workshop. BLK Dream Camp is here to say that the outdoors is for everyone especially for the BIPOC Community.

BLK Dream Camp also has a public Spotify Road Trip Playlist that features local up and coming artists from LA, Arizona, and Atlanta. This playlist is for camp attendees or anyone to listen to when Road Tripping to Camp. BLK Dream Camp is a huge supporter of arts, and music and welcomes artists to come out to perform, submit their music for the playlists and more. BLK Dream Camp makes a new Road Trip Playlist every month. The Playlist is called "Building Tha Dream Vol. I " Playlist on Spotify.

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