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Behind The Lens: Geno Pacino (Part Deux)


What is the backstory to your name?

I actually got my name from a cypher which is the reason why I titled my first project It Started At Game Night. I went to a game night and just happened to chime in on the cypher and people instantly started asking me do I have an album or music out. I didn’t at the time nor did I intend too. After that I kept coming to these game nights and every time I would rap they would call me Geno Pacino and say it’s Pacino Season meaning it’s my time. And it just kind of stuck. It came together completely organically.

How do you describe or build music for the next generation?

I build music for the next generation by doing the best thing I can possibly do and that's be me. There will be some similarities in our experiences but my life story is unique to me. Far too often people try to fit a mold or make music similar to whoever the most popular artist is at the moment. Some of the things I have endured people can learn from and be inspired by. Whatever you want to say about me I have a style and flow unique to me. I also bring a duality to music that doesn’t really exist and other artists can use it as a bridge and go even deeper with it. I make all types of different songs. I'm not relegated to one subject.

Who influenced your career the most?

If I had to say who influenced my career the most it would be my mom. Like a lot of people we don’t always get along or view the world through the same lens. But she always exposed me to different cultures and experiences and as a person is diverse. A lot of those same characteristics reflect in both me as a person and my music. The first artist I heard that made me fall in love with hip hop was LL COOL J. Then I would say Ice Cube, Method Man, NWA, Wu-Tang, Pac, Nas, Biggie, all the mid 90’s stuff. Some of the newer artists I like the most are Ab-Soul, this dude that’s in the TDE crew, Kendrick, J Cole, a lot of the Griselda stuff and Freddie Gibbs.

Do you produce your music?

No, I have never been interested in making beats. Lyrics and writing was always more my thing. I tend to stay in my lane as it pertains to that.

Do you write the lyrics first or create/pick the music first?

I pick the music first or people send me beats and I get inspired. My writing process is dramatically different than when I first started. I don’t really write per say. What I do is every so often maybe a few lyrics come to me and I jot them down in my memory or occasionally on my phone. And when I get beats I either come up with something on the spot or sometimes I see if what I’m working on matches a thought I previously had that I didn’t follow through with and go from there. I let the music write itself.

If you weren’t a recording artist what would you be doing?

That's hard to answer because there's absolutely nothing else I want to do or have interest in. I used to collect comic books back in the day but I don’t know how I could make that a career. Without music I would just be someone out here trying to find my way.

What are you going to do first when all COVID restrictions are lifted?

Try to ramp it up to another level performance wise. Travel more, not really too much outside of that.

Would you use or become a ghostwriter?

Most definitely I would ghostwriters make niiice money. I’m really more interested in using my platform to put my voice on the world’s stage. But if the opportunity came to write for someone I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I already do it now but more on a minor level I write a lot hooks that I let someone else use or even a few lyrics hear and there. But not complete songs.

Describe the perfect summer drink?

My go to is a long island iced tea that’s my drink year round lol.

What's your next move and where can people connect with you at?

My goal is to successfully make a visual for every song on Pacino Season 2 my most recent album. I have already done a visual for most of them. I have a music video for Pure, What’s My Name, Prayer, Moment Of Praise, Psycho, Welcome To Da Circle, 3 The Hard Way, and Chaos so I only have a few left. I take my music extremely seriously. I have a visual I’m going to do in Miami soon. My goal everyday is like Pinkie & The Brain. I literally want to take over the world and be as big as possible. My Instagram is pain707 facebook fan page you can find by just looking up Geno Pacino and like I say I’m going crazy on the visuals my youtube channel is please hit that subscribe button. And my music is on all the streaming platforms make sure you listen to Pacino Season 2.

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