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Behind The Lens: H-Gang Society (HGS)


Do You Participate In Sport Betting? Did You Make Money Off The Super Bowl?

Nah. We only bet on H-Gang

What Sport Do You Like The Most & Who Is Your Favorite Team/Player?

Our favorite sport is lyrical swords. HeadHuntaz ready to chop heads straight off

Is Your Music Generally About One Person, Yourself, or Relatable? What Perspective Do You Write In (1st or 3rd Person)?

We deal with the real life so it’s straight from the horse’s mouth over here!

Does Your Artistry Come From Heartbreak Or A Quest For Love?

We real deal lyricists and wordsmiths so better believe this Shit come from the brain and the heart.

What’s Your Most Favorite Article Of Clothing/Accessories/or Electronic Which You Own?

All of us could have on straight rags and we still bringing every bit of pressure. HGS creates trends we don’t follow anything.

Which Brand Fits Your Artistry (Clothing, Beverage, Automotive, Luxury)

The brands need us but we rock what we wanna rock tho. N*ggas get caught up in shit like that.

If You Could Tell Your 15 Year Old Self Something What Would It Be?

We would tell our 15 year old selfs to trademark that H and never give up on the team.

Do You See World War 3 In The Near Future?

If N*ggas don’t recognize the Almighty H then it’ll be World War 3 frfr!

Who Are Your Top Five Favorite Artists?


What's Something You’re Willing Or Already Given Up For The Music Industry & Where Can People Connect With You At?

N*ggas have died in between tryna do this rap thing. This shit ain’t for the weak but the H remains. Still here after 20 years! The sacrifice been made we just looking at everything unfold.

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