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Behind The Lens: Madison Jay (Part Cinq)


What are you leaving behind in 2022?

I’m leaving so much baggage in 2022. Baggage from myself, baggage from other people, just the baggage in life. I wanna continue to work on being the best me I possibly can be.

Who is your biggest celebrity crush (career or personality)?

My biggest crush is my Queen right now. Any other answer doesn’t ever register.

Did you grow up playing game nights, movie nights, Sunday dinner or music in or around your household?

Growing up was a mixed bag because I was literally everywhere with different households in my family. Different households had different things. Music was for the most part always available for me to consume either on radio or TV.

What made you choose the music industry versus a nine to five?

The thing is music isn’t a 9 to 5, it’s actually more and having a 9 to 5 isn’t a bad thing. I really have a genuine love and passion for creating music so I’ll always do it in some capacity.

Describe your fans in one word and explain.

Genuine. All my fans I do believe are genuine with the love that they show me. I’ve never felt anything that goes against that. I love my fans dearly.

What's your most quotable lyric?

My most quotable lyric would have to be two joints “Reporting live from the booth, I was born with this gap never missing a tooth” from my ‘Return Of The Gap Intro’ and then “I’ve been waiting on my day to come, now I feel it’s my time to shine” from “My Day To Come”. Those are definitely my most known quotables I hear.

What has been your worst experience in the music industry?

My worst experience in the music industry would be dealing with people who don’t conduct themselves on the same accord as myself. People who don’t practice the same morals and principles that I do. At the end of the day you have to navigate accordingly in the industry when things like that happen because it can go left quick.

Do you think you need more copyrights to your music or should it be free for sampling?

I think you need more copyrights to protect the creators and keep revenue flowing for the creators. Also tho, you need to make sure the sampling system is kept preserved in order to keep the cycle going. Without sampling, I’d be in the dark about A LOT groundbreaking records from the past.

What is missing from the arts in your hometown/city?

Well a well sustained revenue stream for one. We need the creators to generate more revenue in our field. I just had a conversation about this weeks ago, but we gotta reach out to the youth (12-18) to water their talents to make sure they’re good when their time comes to help cultivate the scene.

What project do you have out right now that potential fans should listen to and where can people connect with you?

My critically acclaimed project Wake County’s Finest is currently available. My collaboration project with Rome Jeterr The Religion is currently available here. I’ve got quite a few features out bubbling right now with artists like MaDrique, Grateful Edmund, Privy Pe$o, HP Bankhead, J Davon Harris, TV Scooty and so much more dropping in 2023. Follow me @themadisonjay

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