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Behind The Lens: Meechy718 (Part Quatre)


Do you have a new year's resolution? If so, what is it? 

Daily mantra: aim higher than I did the previous day/month/year. Perfect credit, financial freedom, family in good spirits. More traveling, more music and more living.

What is your greatest accomplishment thus far? 

Musically speaking my greatest accomplishment is the opportunity of turning my collective into our own record label by us, for us. The ORGNZTION the label. I did a festival, small city tour, radio show & out of state shows. But the label hit different.

What’s the first song you play which reminds you of heartbreak? 

Home by Meechy718. Honorable mention is Blame Game by Kanye West.

What’s the first song you play which reminds you of love? 

Without a doubt Outstanding by The Gap Band. Honorable mentions are Breathe Deeper by Tame Impala and UFORIA by Meechy718 and SolPreme.

Describe the perfect first date?

I'm not gonna lie it's going to be a food date every time. It's intimate, you get to know they personality, how they present themselves, it's classy and impressionable. Everybody loves food.

Are you going to vote this presidential election year?

I don't get into politics vote for Pedro.

Have you ever been hacked by a phishing email, had your identity stolen, or been a victim of digital fraud? 

I never been a victim of fraud. I'm part of the no lackin committee.

Are you the type to get to work early or stay late?

I be late to work but never to my shows and bookings.

What does success mean to you? 

Success is financial and spiritual freedom. Success is when you're better than you were last year, even last month. Success is being able to uplift those around you. Success is seeing those around you smile at your accomplishments or the path you taking. Success is not giving up on the mission.

Where do you want to perform next and where can people connect with you at?

I want to play Dreamville Fest, Rolling Loud, Coachella, & Tiny Desk. You can connect with me on Instagram @meechyorg, YouTube & TikTok @meechy718. I be on the socials.

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