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Behind The Lens: Rasheem Sizzles Johnson


Where do you like to be for Inspiration?

Inside my comfort zone away from noise and distractions.Inside a quiet dim lit room,with water to drink and fruit to eat.Quality sound system and plenty of good Bud.

Whose music are you listening/bumping too?

Right now I'm listening to my classic album PRESSURE out now on all dsps including I also have Nas and Jeezy on my playlists, and a playlist with DJ Khaled, Jay Z, Kanye West, Styles P and The Lox.

Describe your perfect Thanksgiving plate?

Not sure if it will all fit on 1 plate. Yeah from my grandmother (Ruth Jenkins) kitchen I'm gonna need my yams, collard greens, Mac and cheese with my Turkey and home made stuffing. Potato salad, macaroni salad with my sweet potato pie and my favorite banana pudding. RIP those were the days all the family came together under 1 roof and had dinner together.

What do you want most for Christmas?

An endorsement deal and or a brand collaboration partnership. I now have my own sneaker. I would like some cash to distribute and market my brand and record label. A few extra grand to invest in some stocks for the new year 2023. More views, streams, and downloads on my music.

What's your number one scary movie?

Growing up as a young kid I would say Freddy Kruger. He was the scariest to me. Those movies were crazy lol. I couldn't sleep alone after watching that stuff lol.

Tell us your worst fall/winter experience?

Being homeless with no place to stay. Being homeless with no money or food to eat. Being homeless with no heat, hot water, or a coat to wear outside.

Should lyrics be used against people in the courtroom?

No, absolutely not. This is arts and crafts. Freedom of speech is universal. Music is music, let's keep it creative and artistic for the culture.

Does fear of cancel culture, bad business partnering, or lustful robbery affect the way you move?

I believe for some but not all, maybe those inside those bad record deals. The culture is constantly evolving and my new sneaker is coming soon! I've accomplished and achieved all that I have without a major record label budget or contract. I am the Green Print, Swag + Aura = Swaura.

What do you think happened to monkeypox?

Not sure what happened to monkey pox. Kind of weird/strange and odd. I will say maybe it's government controlled. If Dr.Sebi were still alive and living I'm pretty sure he would be able to answer that question without hesitation. Shout out to Barack and Michelle Obama.

When is your next release date or performance, and where can people connect with you

I got 3 singles off my upcoming project out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, YouTube Music, Pandora and all platforms. Type my full name Rasheem Sizzles Johnson and follow me on Instagram @sizzlestheonly1 to stay updated on my latest and upcoming events. Shout out to my mom, aunt kids, grandkids and all my active family. Love, Peace, Health and Wealth to the universe.1 luv#Sizzles

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