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Behind The Lens: Ten Tonz


What time of day do you feel the most creative? The middle of the night for some reason after a long day, I love to sit up and create. Some of my best work has come from late night sessions. I also think this is the best time to promote.

Are there any skills you are trying to learn/improve to perfect your craft? I really want to pull my performance skills together and be able to touch any platform and leave it all on any stage. Haven't done a show in a long time, patience is key.

What are your opinions on guns in America? As someone with a licence to carry, I believe everyone has the right to carry; but we as people need to do better at teaching others on gun control and safety, as well as better background checks on who can carry.

Should we be helping Ukraine, and if so how? Speaking of this, I say there's more issues right now. We need to help our people and children right here before we move forward with others and pay it forward in the US first.

Name a song that has changed your life? Heavy D & The Boyz - Nuttin' But Love. This track showed me that big boys can rap and bring the moves to any platform. I actually have done a few versions of Heavy classics.

Would you rather be poolside, on a boat, or at the beach? A boat. I'm not a big swimmer, but it's something about being out in the middle of nowhere with the breeze coming off the water.

What dish are you bringing to the cookout? Well I'm a chef by trade so everyone wants me to cook it up but I'm bringing some korean beef ribs or lamb chops of some kind.

What drink are you bringing to the cookout? Big Jameson drinker and I watch my sugars so Coke Zero to go along with it.

Are there any videographers, directors, or cinematographers you would like to work with? Want to keep pushing my team strong so I want to keep working with ArtIZLife TV @yh_artizlife ,Cinema Jay @cinema_saitama and Anthony Heron @thegrindneverstopllc

What is a catchphrase or motto of yours and where can people connect with you? HERON KLICK part of my brand standing for How Everyone Remembers Our Name

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