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Behind The Lens: TNC Laid (Part Deux)


What is a childhood memory which set you on path today?

A childhood memory that set me on a path today would have to be the times I spent at my grandma’s house with my siblings and cousins because it made me cherish times with my family and they’re one of the main reason I go so hard.

Who is your biggest influence?

My life experiences are my biggest influence.

What stands out the most to you when composing a song?

When I’m composing a song hitting my lyrics or melodies the way they sound in my head stands out to me the most.

Name one thing a fan has said that inspired you?

One thing a fan said to me that inspired me was that they loved my music and that they could see me getting rich and famous and going platinum.

How do you handle haters?

I handle haters by continuing to work hard and shine because if I have haters, then that means I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.

How has your lyrics evolved over time ?

My lyrics have definitely evolved over time because I gained new life experiences and I learned new things that allowed me to incorporate them into my music with my new flows and sounds.

Can you play any musical instruments?

No, I cannot play any musical instruments at the moment, but I did play the recorder in elementary school.

What do you think is your next biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge would have to be me overthinking all the time because I always feel like I’m never doing enough which allows me to want to grind harder.

Pancakes, French toast, or Waffles and why?

French Toast with bananas and whipped cream because that shit hit different.

Where can people connect with you at?

Instagram: @tnclaid

Twitter: @TNCLAID

YouTube: TNC Laid

Spotify: Tnc Laid

Apple Music: Tnc Laid

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