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Behind The Lens: Zebedee


How did your journey in music begin, and what inspired you to pursue a career in the industry?

It began in the womb when I was attended my Mums gigs in utero. I’ve been playing music since I can remember, and I will continue until I can no longer. But to “pursue a career in the industry” is an overstatement… for me.

Can you tell us about your musical style and the genres that influence your work?

Our style is loud, sporadic, messy yet friken catchy. Psychobilly, desert rock and neo psychedelic influence us the most. 

What's the story behind your latest release, and what message or emotion are you trying to convey through your music?

Our latest release For Gods Sake is a nostalgic trip about growing up in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It reminds me of a simpler time when all you had to worry about was how intoxicated you were going to get, and what couch you were sleeping on that night. 

How do you approach the songwriting process? Do you have a specific method or routine?

It’s always a little different but I find the faster the better. If my song isn’t mapped out in 15 minutes I did it wrong. Chord  progression, riff, melody… boom!!

What challenges have you faced as an emerging artist, and how have you overcome them?

I'm probably 50K in the hole by now, but its not really about that is it? I'd rather spend that money on my musical journey than go to an American college and get a degree in music.

Are there any artists or bands that have had a significant impact on your musical journey?

Yes… my Mum, my Wife, my Dad and my Brother.

How do you stay creative and inspired when working on new music?

I'm always most inspired about the last song I wrote. So if you’re feeling uninspired… write a song.

Can you share a memorable moment or highlight from your career so far?

I played Robert Plant in Scorsese’s/HBO’s Vinyl. Was a pinch me moment to play one of my high school idols. 

What one inspirational quote or montra you believe in?

Everything in Moderation… even Moderation. 

In what ways do you use social media and online platforms to connect with your audience and where can people connect with you?

I promote the gigs, shows and movies I’m in… I’m not really interested in the other stuff social media has to offer, such as anxiety and complete waste of time. That being said you can find me on insta @zebedeerow and @zebedeetheband

We are dropping two more singles this month, plus a HUGE Music video I directed next month, along with our sophomore album titled “Going Nowhere Fast”

For Gods Sake - Jeremy Bastard Remix drops TOMORROW  7/18

And new single

Be sure to pre save!!

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