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Ciara Shows Off Weight On Scale As She Tries Dropping 70 Pounds

Source: TMZ


Ciara is trying to drop major poundage after having her fourth baby -- and she's not afraid to show off the progress along the way ... including how much she weighs right now.

The singer posted a photo dump Thursday, which was basically just an update on her life. It included lots of different shots -- including her looking good in a car, her working out, her in the studio, her posing with famous pals, playing pickleball and her with her kids.

There was one photo in there, though, that caught the attention of fans ... it was a picture of a scale with a number on it, which seems to reflect Ciara's current weight.

The figure reads 181.4 lbs. ... and you can see Ciara's reflection, with her taking the photo.

It's certainly very honest of her, which we know she is already. It also jibes with something she recently announced post-baby #4 ... namely, the fact she's in the midst of losing a lot of weight. Earlier this month, Ciara said she was dead set on shedding upwards of 70 pounds.

She wrote at the time ... "Trying to lose 70lbs post baby, prepare for a show and tour while breastfeeding, and running my businesses…Shout out to all my mammas out there gettin in, I see you!"

As you may know, Ciara and Russell Wilson welcomed a baby girl in December -- their third child together. They have two other kids as well ... and Ciara shares a child with Future.

Anyway, based on how active Ciara is and how committed she seems to losing the baby weight ... something tells us she'll be able to hit her goal in due time and then some.

Nothing like a little scale action to get ya motivated ... Mama Bear is putting in work!

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