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Classified Links With Brother Mike Boyd In "The Hardy Boyds"

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Lee Solo

Classified, the acclaimed Canadian hip-hop artist, releases his latest single Hardy Boyds Called dad rap, the track features a collaboration with his brother and esteemed Nova Scotian MC, Mike Boyd. The brand new single celebrates a powerful comeback filled with confidence and camaraderie while encapsulating the nostalgic essence of maturity and embracing personal growth. Staying rooted to their past, the two rap over the old-school boom bap backdrop letting them embrace one's individuality. Describing the single, Classified shares:

This is straight-up boom bap hip hop. I wanted to bring in hard-hitting beats and clever lyrics, bouncing off my brother Mike, tapping into that old-school flow and vibe. Plus there's a funny connection between the Hardy 'Boys' brothers and 'Boyd', our last name, so we had to lean in to that and make it a mystery for us to solve in the music video. Just all around fun with this one. It was an absolute blast creating this track and shooting the video.

The video comes with the collaborative efforts of Brothers Boyd in association with Lee Solo of Shot By Solo. Renowned for bridging the gap between performer and audience, Classified stands as one of Canada's most respected rap artists, producers, and songwriters. Dive deep into the themes of resilience, family, and authenticity in the face of skepticism and stream your copy of the single here. Watch the official video below and follow Classified on Instagram, Facebook, X, YouTube, and TikTok.

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