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#ComingUp: Kenajee Wants The World To "Know" Who He Is


Rap has a brand new vibe of melodic trap bubbling in Connecticut. In 2017 Kenajee made a commitment to follow his dreams and started pursuing becoming a recording artist fulltime. Not only does this rookie have the lyrics for melodies, he also mixes and masters his own music. In chanting fashion Kenajee wants people to Know who he is. Kenajee says:

Making music means so much to me because it allows me to talk my feelings and my mind. The mic is like my messenger and without that I’d feel lost. I am gradually learning more and more about music and how to progress my sound. My current album, “ANITA” is out on all platforms which was mixed and mastered by myself.

Be ready for a variety of sound because Kenjee has another project on the way called No Days Off, set to be released later this month. To get connected with Kenajee follow him on Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Grab the gang, grab the drugs, and grab the women because Kenajee is taking over the mic. Stream the latest project here and listen to the official audio below.

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