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#ComingUp: New Zealand's Rising Star, Will Swinton's "Leave In The Morning" Is A Must-Listen

Written By: A-Town

Photo Credit: Joseph Morrison

In today's world, new artists emerge every single day. Some very talented artists, and others…not so much. With daily changing societal trends, and new emerging technologies (thus sounds/music capabilities), and plenty of existing artists to tune in to, or follow…It is becoming increasingly difficult to ‘Stand-out’. So then, of course, you must come with some flare, some “sauce”, some personality. This young man Will Swinton has just that!

Will, is a 22 year old from Auckland, New Zealand. He 1st got popular back in 2022 on the “TikTok” platform amassing over 100 million views. He is also none for some other popular tracks which were both in the top 10 and top 15 of the HOT 20 ZEALAND SONG CHARTS. Is he “All that & a bag of chips?!”, only time will tell…but for now, Will has recently released a new single titled Leave In The Morning. Will has great vocals, he is genuinely relatable, and from what I can see…has great, great potential! Can’t wait to hear more! If you’re like me and enjoyed every bit of this record, be sure to follow Will along his journey on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok! Stream the latest single here and watch the official video below.

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