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#ComingUp: Real Rap With Witty 2wIIn Kingz

Written By: Big C


Coming out of the trenches of Flatbush, Brooklyn are the dynamic duo of 2Wiinz Kingz. Built off the foundation of hustling hard and breaking the mic, this tag team don't just rap they plan to conquer the music industry. Hip hop has a new challenger because both artists bring a masterful blend of relentless punchlines, intricate rhymes schemes, and wickedly clever patterns that weave stories deeper than your girlfriend's throat. 2Wiinz Kings had to say:

Every bar, every verse is a brushstroke on the canvas of our unique artistry, leaving listeners craving more, like binge-watching the next episode of a hit TV show. But hold up, it ain't just about the bars – it's about the bigger picture. We're architects of sound, crafting each project with the precision of a surgeon.

In their most recent project & Frozen Summer, we get a sense of elevation from a struggling environment. In the video for Stay Dangerous, we are taking to the back alleys and landmarks of Baltimore under the direction of Styves. While bouncing limerick licks the two still implement the grittiness of the streets. Take a look at the official video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to follow 2Wiinz Kingz on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok

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