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#ComingUp: "This Year" Get Familiar With Brandin Jay

Written By: Big C


In 2024 Brandin Jay is removing all the toxicity, doubt, and heartbreak. Since stepping into the lime light in 2019, Brandin has been able to craft a career with the definition of multi-talented. This Year is about taking back the power of self-worth with bigger and better dynamics. Focused on creating more high than lows, this ballad builds in intensity while the radiant echoes merge over the R&B styles of an impromtu acoustic guitars. This year be ready for a brand new journey.

Brandin Jay has the talent depth of a titan in the entertainment industry. From his musical education background at Berklee School of Music, Brandin went on to demonstrate acting techniques before starting the Teddy Bear Music label. Stream the single here and let us know your thoughts on the brand new single below. Connect with Bradin Jay on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram.

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