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"Cult Classic" Is On The Way! Joy (Anonymous) Release "I Did You Wrong"

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Dan Sullivan

Having sold out show after sold out show, Joy (Anonymous) is at the point of no return. To coincide with the announcement of a new album on the way, Joy have released I Did You Wrong. A track that foregrounds Henry Counsell’s soulful vocals over a beat that recalls the bittersweet tones of The Avalanches. The track is the perfect end of summer closer: a bridge between the organic and the electronic and a song that showcases Joy’s abilities to write perfect melodies. Joy (Anonymous) says:

’I Did You Wrong’ is a song written about a personal journey on discovering joy and the wrong turns taken, to find that joy is just embracing all feelings, not just putting a smile on. Cult Classics is the soundtrack of Joy Anonymous meetings over the past two years. It began in Imogen Heap’s house in Romford. where we spent two weeks working with various friends and new collaborators to form the skeletons of what was to become the album you hear today. Then we took these sounds on tour and tested them out in meetings around the world, honing and developing the sound on the move. Joy Anonymous is a movement where people feel included and feel safe to share expression and emotion. We have tried to capture that in the sound, process and delivery of this album.

Earlier this week, the duo also announced their upcoming North American Headline Tour starting this November. Rumor has it that the upcoming album Cult Classics is a vital collection that pushes the group into bold new territories: a seamless fusion of house, disco, soul, and beautiful songwriting. Enjoy the euphoric melodies in the official audio below and stream your copy of the single here. Be sure to keep up with Joy (Anonymous) by following them on Instagram and Twitter.

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