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D.L. Hughley Stands By Mo'Nique Comments, Not Looking To Reconcile

Source: TMZ


D.L. Hughley's moving on from his feud with Mo'Nique ... saying he's a grown-ass man who doesn't think every argument needs a resolution, and this one definitely will NOT!

We got the comedian/actor out in New York City, where we asked about his very public beef with the Oscar winner ... and wondered if he'd be interested in a sit down with her on Shannon Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" podcast.

Hughley said he'd never go on "Club Shay Shay," and he's definitely not reaching out to Mo'Nique 'cause he's convinced they've both said all they need to say.

Remember ... Mo'Nique went after a bunch of entertainment industry folks on Sharpe's podcast, and specifically said D.L. offended her on his radio show during an interview.

She demanded the segment not air -- a request D.L. said he agreed to in the same social media rant where he called her a "liar" earlier this month.

You gotta see how D.L. immediately shot down any notion of that happening ... because it sounds like he's not too thrilled with Shannon, either.

D.L. told us he's not backing down on a single word he said about Mo'Nique ... saying he's got zero regrets and doesn't need to reconcile with her because they're both adults who said what they said.

Basically, Hughley says they "don't have to be in the same space," and he adds, it's a "fallacy" to believe folks who don't see eye to eye have to reconcile.

BTW ... this isn't the first time Hughley and Mo'Nique have had beef. Back in 2022, a contract dispute over who was supposed to headline a comedy show resulted in Mo'Nique calling out D.L. for saying he didn't believe his daughter at first when she said she was sexually assaulted.

Mo'Nique apologized for bringing up his daughter, but Hughley told us at the time arguments like the one with her just weren't worth his time -- pretty much exactly how he still feels today.

Seems D.L.'s puttin' this feud in his rearview too ... but, we'll have to wait and see if Mo'Nique's gonna let it slip that easily.

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